How I am like a poor, uneducated Republican

I’m a fan of having 3+ children.  Gallup has been polling on “ideal family size” for years.  The first chart is pretty dramatic as we can see how this has changed:


They also have a table breaking this down by demographics, from which I derived the title of the post:

Meanwhile, a nice piece in the Uphsot about why young adults say they want fewer children:

Wanting more leisure time and personal freedom; not having a partner yet; not being able to afford child-care costs — these were the top reasons young adults gave for not wanting or not being sure they wanted children, according to a new survey conducted by Morning Consult for The New York Times.

The survey, one of the most comprehensive explorations of the reasons that adults are having fewer children, tells a story that is partly about greater gender equality. Women have more agency over their lives, and many feel that motherhood has become more of a choice.

But it’s also a story of economic insecurity. Young people have record student debt, many graduated in a recession and many can’t afford homes — all as parenthood has become more expensive. Women in particular pay an earnings penalty for having children.

“We want to invest more in each child to give them the best opportunities to compete in an increasingly unequal environment,” said Philip Cohen, a sociologist at the University of Maryland who studies families and has written about fertility.

At the same time, he said, “There is no getting around the fact that the relationship between gender equality and fertility is very strong: There are no high-fertility countries that are gender equal.”

My take?  Just have more kids.

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One Response to How I am like a poor, uneducated Republican

  1. R. Jenrette says:

    “Just have more kids.”
    What? Malthus be damned?
    Mankind seems to be on Malthus’ side in the end. We now hear that plastics from big to microscopic in size are heavily scattered in our environment and could cause Lord-knows-what mayhem to human health and even its genetic future. And that’s from humans trying to be good.
    Add in the biological and other weapons already created and ready for launch and you have a recipe for big trouble for humanity.
    Add “race” to the pot…….
    Malthus wins the argument.

    There’s always a chance that somewhere Plan B could be organizing.

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