One area of remarkably stable public opinion

As much as American’s views have shifted fairly dramatically on gay rights and many other social/morality issues in recent years, the stability of abortion issues is all the more compelling.  Check out these charts from Gallup’s latest:

Line graph: Americans -- pro-choice or pro-life? 2018: 48% pro-choice, 48% pro-life. Highs of 56% pro-choice (1995), 51% pro-life (2009).

Line graph: Under what circumstances should abortions be legal? 2018: Under any (29%), under certain (50%), illegal in all (18%).

Actually, given the ongoing secularization of America, this is actually kind of surprising.  Like, what’s going on underneath the surface to keep these numbers so stable while America’s broader demographics and general attitudes towards morality continue to change.  It’s almost like some political scientist should look this.  If only I knew one with an interest in public opinion on abortion.


About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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