Photo of the day

In honor of EMG, a swimming horse photo from an Atlantic gallery of swimming terrestrial mammals:

An above and below view of a horse swimming in the sea. 

Willyam Bradberry / Shutterstock

The morality of alcohol and marijuana

This from Gallup was pretty interesting:

Obviously, the most important factor here (and the age difference was much smaller than I thought it would be) is religiosity.  I had almost forgotten how much of the New Testament is spent railing against marijuana ;-).


Reasonable gun control not quite as impossible as you think

Though the NRA is as radical as it gets and sees pretty much every fewer gun sold as an affront to humanity, your average gun owner (I know and like many) is far more reasonable.  Really like this Wonkblog post that shows pretty modest divides on a number of gun issues and that even a majority of gun owners support a variety of reforms:

The study found that more than 60 percent of gun owners said they supported licensing requirements for all gun purchases. Other research has shown that in tandem with universal background check policies, licensing requirements may lead to significant reductions in homicidesuicide and shootings of law enforcement officers.

Some of the strongest evidence pertains to child-access-prevention laws, which mandate safe-storage requirements for guns in homes with children. The survey found that nearly 60 percent of gun owners and nearly 80 percent of non-owners backed such laws.

Of course, 60% is not enough when you are dealing with an impassioned, irrational minority and a Republican party completely in their thrall.  But damn it, there is hope if we keep fighting on this.

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