How popular is Trump, anyway?

So, last evening during time-outs of an ultimately disappointing NCAA Championship game (I was hoping for a close, exciting game.  That women’s tournament this year– damn!), my friend LW commented on Trump’s seemingly high popularity.  I explained that if one adjusts for our generally solid economy, Trump’s approval is pretty much horrible.  Quite handily, Drum had a post on just this very fact today:

I mentioned in passing yesterday that Donald Trump’s approval rating is actually quite low considering that the economy is doing pretty well. In fact, it’s historically low. Here’s an annotated chart from earlier in the year put together by Nate Cohn:

Trump’s approval rating is well below the lowest ever recorded with unemployment below 5 percent

Yep.  Imagine how bad Trump’s approval would be if the economy were in any trouble at all.  In context, Trump is simply an historically unpopular (and rightly so!) president.

As for that remaining 40% or so, Drum makes a good case here as well:

 The question is why Trump retains substantial support even from centrist conservatives.

And look: for people who are right of center and don’t eat and breathe politics, this is a perfectly sensible worldview. Sure, maybe these folks would prefer that Trump tone down the rhetoric and lay off the tweets, but at least his heart is in the right place. Why not give his policies a chance?

And, yes, despite his self-evident awfulness, PID is a hell of a drug, as they say.  (And motivated reasoning and selective media exposure are a hell of a drug delivery system).

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