Will Millennial women save America?

Probably not, but damn are they moving in the right direction.  This latest Pew study on partisanship is so good that I decided I’ve got to parcel the cool findings out over multiple posts rather than just try and summarize them all here (that said, if you want to know all, click away!).

I think the starkest chart of all the interesting ones (certainly the most shared I saw on twitter today) is this one that shows a massive shift towards Democrats among millennial women:

Wow.  Safe to say Donald Trump and his GOP enablers have pushed young women away.  (And let’s maybe give a little credit to the Gen X women, of whom are near and dear to my heart).

Anyway, what’s notable about this is that there is now symmetrical movement of young men towards the GOP.  And, as partisanship generally tends to just reinforce (motivated reasoning!) and get stronger with age, this Democratic strength among milennial women should pay political dividends for a long, long time.  Thanks, Donald Trump!

Impeach Trump?

Really liked Andrew Sullivan’s review of two new books that address the matter.  His conclusion:

I don’t think Trump has a conscious intent to vandalize liberal democracy — he doesn’t even understand what it is. Rather, his twisted, compulsive insecurity requires him to use his office to attack, delegitimize and weaken every democratic institution that may occasionally operate outside his own delusional narcissism. He cannot help this. His tweets are a function of spasms, not plots. But the wreckage after only one year is extraordinary. The F.B.I. is now widely discredited; the C.I.A. is held in contempt; judges, according to the president, are driven by prejudice and partisanship (when they disagree with him); the media produce fake news; Congress is useless (including both Republicans and Democrats); alliances are essentially rip-offs; the State Department — along with the whole idea of a neutral Civil Service — is unnecessary. And the possibility of reasoned deliberation at the heart of democratic life has been obliterated by the white-hot racial and cultural hatreds that Trump was able to exploit to get elected and that he constantly fuels.

The Democrats find themselves in opposition a little like Marco Rubio in the primaries. Take the high road and you are irrelevant; take the low road and you cannot compete with the biggest bully and liar on the block. The result is that an unimpeachable president is slowly constructing the kind of authoritarian state that America was actually founded to overthrow.

There is nothing in the Constitution’s formal operation that can prevent this. Impeachment certainly cannot. As long as one major political party endorses it, and a solid plurality of Americans support such an authoritarian slide, it is unstoppable. The founders knew that without a virtuous citizenry, the Constitution was a mere piece of paper and, in Madison’s words, “no theoretical checks — no form of government can render us secure.” Franklin was blunter in forecasting the moment we are now in: He believed that the American experiment in self-government “can only end in despotism, as other forms have done before it, when the people become so corrupted as to need despotic government, being incapable of any other.” You can impeach a president, but you can’t, alas, impeach the people. They voted for the kind of monarchy the American republic was designed, above all else, to resist; and they have gotten one.

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