Sometimes public opinion makes sense

Gallup with public support for various proposals to improve school safety.  I don’t think most of these would make all that much difference, but the modest benefit is balanced by low cost and all seem sensible enough.  That is, except for arming teachers, which is the only proposal lacking majority approval.

 That said, we can certainly over-do it on school safety.  We got a message from our Elementary school today that everybody is going to have to state their name and purpose before they are buzzed in and unfamiliar people are going to have to show ID.  I’m sure it happens, but I’ve certainly never heard of any malefactor going into an elementary school and wreaking havoc, except one armed with a gun.  And, I’m pretty sure they would shoot their way in if not buzzed in.  My middle-school son diagnosed this correctly as adult doing something so they can feel like they have more control and are actually making a difference.  Now, reasonable security precautions strike me as fine, but let’s not pretend this is somehow going to stop or even appreciably slow an armed school shooter.

What happens in PA-18 now simply doesn’t matter

So, my assistant soccer coach extraordinaire and faithful blog reader, LW, asked me at soccer practice last night, what if Lamb might lose in a recount or for some other reason not end up with that House seat.  And, in answering him, I realized I had a pretty good blog post, so to the best of my recollection, here’s what I told him.

Now that Lamb has already “won” for now, PA-18, that’s really all that matters.  Despite this:

Republican officials in Washington said they were likely to demand a recount through litigation, and the National Republican Congressional Committee put out a call for voters to report any irregularities in the balloting. Matt Gorman, a spokesman for the committee, said the party was “not conceding anything.”

The Democratic Party got a big “win” out of this.  Anything that happens going forward doesn’t change that.  Republicans have more reason to be scared than ever.  Republicans on the fence have more reason to retire than ever (as many have).  And Democrats have more reason to be enthused and energized.  Conor Lamb proved a great model/template of how to win in a red district. Nothing changes any of that.

If somehow some absentee votes were miscounted and Lamb end up not holding this seat none of the above changes.  Among other things, if that does happen, it is a page A17 story, not the A1 story (still need the right non-print edition metaphor for stuff like this)  Not to mention, the whole state is being redistricted for November anyway.  And as for the House, it truly matters not the tiniest bit whether Democrats have 193 seats or 192 seats right now.

Anyway, Republicans can fight this all they want, but the Democratic “win” is not going anywhere.  And, unless there’s some pretty substantial changes before November (which there could be!), there’s plenty of reason for optimism for 1) Democrats and 2) people who care about the health of our democracy (sadly, right now #2 is almost entirely contingent upon Democrats doing well in November).

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