Is Stormy picking up steam?

Just maybe.  That’s the premise of today’s NYT article, that I mostly wanted to highlight because I just appreciated so much humor in an NYT news story.  There was no “news” reason to lead with this hilarious quote from Mike Murphy, but the quote and the follow-up had me quite amused:

 If a porn-tinged hush payment falls in a news din already torqued to maximum volume, does it make a sound?

It seems to be getting there, despite North Korean intervention. And this much is becoming clear: There is no hiding from the tale of the president and the porn star.

“Porn actress,” Mike Murphy, a longtime Republican strategist, amended. “People go straight to ‘porn star.’ I like to see a few awards before you use that moniker.”

Stephanie Clifford has more than a few of those, actually (although an internet search for the particulars is not recommended). [emphasis mine]


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One Response to Is Stormy picking up steam?

  1. R. Jenrette says:

    The leading contestant from this story for headline of the year is “Trump Gags Porn Star”.

    It’s clear that the vulgarity of this administration can rub off on anyone. 🙂

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