Confederate statues really aren’t about race at all

It’s just that their supporters think of Confederate statues are removed, then MLK statues should have to be moved to.  The arguments here are laughably pathetic and practically seem like they came from the Onion.  But, alas, this is indeed, deplorable America:

If the state moves Confederate statues to a Civil War battlefield, Martin Luther King statues should be removed too, some members of the public told the state committee considering the fate of the monuments.

More than 3,700 people have submitted online comments to a group of NC Historical Commission members considering the request from Gov. Roy Cooper’s administration to relocate three monuments from the Capitol grounds in Raleigh to Bentonville Battlefield in Johnston County…

Among a sampling of comments reviewed by The News & Observer, at least 11 people who want the Confederate statues to stay in Raleigh equated moving them with moving or removing a statute of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. There is no King statue on the Capitol grounds, but there is one at the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Gardens, a Raleigh city park.

“I just feel like they’re trying to wipe out all white history,” Roger Dale Williams of Graham said in an interview…

“The whole thing is a joke,” he said Friday. “You should leave them all alone. If you mess with one, you should mess with them all.”

Williams, 62, wrote: “If the Confederate statues are removed all the streets and statues named after Dr. Martin Luther King should have their names changed or removed.”

“If the Confederate statues have to be removed because they offend some people, the King ones should be as well because they offend some of us.”

Yep.  There’s your “history” and “heritage.”  A history and heritage of racism and bigotry.


About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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