The NRA outlier

Was talking with a friend at lunch yesterday about the NRA (you know who you are TB) and based on the conversation I thought I had already blogged this chart.  But then I realized I hadn’t it.  Pew shows how even among gun owners, NRA members are uniquely conservative on gun issues:

Not all these gaps are huge, but point being, in many key ways, the NRA is not mainstreamWayne LaPierre speech.  That’s why I’m so happy to see these corporations cutting ties with the NRA.  Will it make any immediate meaningful change?  No.  But it does show that bland, play-it-safe-corporate America now (quite appropriately!) sees the NRA as outside the mainstream just like corporate America now largely sees anti-gay discrimination as unacceptably outside the mainstream.  And if you have any doubts about the NRA being outside the mainstream, just listen to pretty much any ever.    This is not going to turn things around immediately and, no, we cannot count on corporate America to save us, but the more the NRA is stigmatized, the less politically powerful they become.

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One Response to The NRA outlier

  1. Nicole K. says:

    Yep, those are the people for who owning a gun is the defining part of their identity. It makes them feel powerful and that they can stand up to whoever and protect what’s important to them. It also gives them a an issue to fight for and a social connection to other like minded gun enthusiasts who reinforce and encourage and validate these views.

    That social and emotional benefit is important to remember. Because it will never matter to people like that what statistics or evidence actually shows. They believe and feel they get those benefits from gun ownership – so in a very real way they do get those benefits from owning a gun.

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