We’ve been played

by the ultimate media bias.  That is, of course, “both sides!!”  Of course, the Nunes memo is steaming pile or crap.   Most extensive explanation I’ve seen is from laywer/ Communications professor Seth Abramson on twitter, here.   Any reasonably intelligent journalist has to know the basic outlines of these facts.  The case for this has already been clearly laid out by many.  And, yet, here’s the liberal media, fake new NYT just now:

So, we get “alleges abuses.”  and “claims misleading.  What the hell?  It’s not just that critics call the claims misleading.  The claims are misleading.  This is an objective fact based on all the evidence out there (among other things, I presume, NYT reporters have access to Seth Abramson’s twitter feed).

And while we’re at it, the Post’s Amber Phillips nicely breaks down all the misleadingness.

Oh, and John McCain:

The latest attacks on the FBI and Department of Justice serve no American interests — no party’s, no president’s, only Putin’s

Okay, I’ve already spent too much time on this, but one more link, from Paul Waldman and Greg Sargent, “The Nunes memo is out. It’s a joke and a sham.”

And the winner is Nunes, because all the so-called liberal media is breathlessly reporting this through it’s “both sides!” lens.  (Fox, of course, is just in full-on propaganda mode).  Ughhhhhh!!

Young people leading the way on race

Nice piece in New York summarizing some impressive and interesting work on racial attitudes by political scientists, Sean McElwee and Alexander Agadjanian.  The key point is that Democrats are becoming more liberal on issues of race, but young Democrats are really becoming more liberal on issues of race.  Here’s the key chart:

It might be a little hard to understand at first, but simply notice that the gaps in racial attitudes (always moving in a more liberal direction– these are figures for just Democrats) between 2011 and 2016 are way bigger for younger Americans.

Here it becomes clear that the 17-to-29-year-old cohort of Democrats is growing much more racially liberal than their older counterparts over time. Take the question that asks people if they agree or disagree that “blacks could be just as well off as whites if they only tried harder.” 30-to-54-year-old Democrats were three net points more likely to say they disagreed with that statement — the more racially liberal stance. Democrats 55 and older also grew slightly more racially liberal by six points. But among 17 to 29 year olds, the growth was 15 points in the liberal direction. A similar pattern emerges for the responses to the other questions…

We can’t pinpoint an exact cause for this shift, but we can offer a few explanations that are consistent with our findings. First, the first signs of these shifts coincided with the rise of Black Lives Matter and the Dreamer movement. Recent research on the Civil Rights Movement suggests that the movement meaningfully shifted white racial attitudes in a more liberal direction. In addition, these movements work to build racial solidarity among black, Latino, and Asian-American Democrats, leading them to become more racially liberal. Second, young people might have been particularly influenced by the presidency of Barack Obama and subsequent rise of Trump, especially given evidence that presidential evaluations strongly shape people’s political views when they are young. It’s very plausible both of these developments engendered greater compassion for African-Americans and awareness of racial inequalities, especially among the youth. But whatever the cause, the effect is the same: politics will never be the same.

Right.  Whatever the cause, this is a big reality.  And these younger voters with their more liberal racial attitudes are the ones who are going to be taking over the political mainstream while the less racially progressive older voters die off.  Change is coming.

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