Does Mueller even really matter?

Okay, sure he does.  Heck two posts in a row on it from me.  But, honestly, I’ve paid far less attention to his investigation than many and the reason is pretty simple– Mueller only matters if Democrats win the House in 2018.  At this point, that’s really the whole ball game in important ways.

Republicans have repeatedly and demonstrably shown that they will choose party over country; authoritarianism over the rule of law, in defense of Trump.  Thus, no matter what Mueller finds/reports, we can be quite confident Republicans won’t do a damn thing about it.  If Mueller is going to matter at all.  And if Trump is going to be accountable at all for his gross malfeasance, Democrats have to win the House.

Here’s Chait on Republicans’ embrace of Trump on the matter:

Whatever the Russia investigation finds, and whatever Trump does to quash it, or protect himself and his family, or pervert the FBI to rough up his political opponents, the dynamic that has protected him will remain in place. Trump will be popular among the Republican base. Republicans will need their base in order to hold Congress and protect their agenda. The alternative to Trump will always be a party that is left of center. Republicans may genuinely hope Trump does not fire Mueller. They may even wish that he would resign in favor of Mike Pence. But whatever he does, as long as he occupies the presidency, he will be their man.

So, you want Trump accountable?  Do what you can to get Democrats elected in 2018.


About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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