Photo of the day

Am I the only one who cannot resist a good fox photo?  Another from the Atlantic photos of the week gallery:

A fox walks through a cemetery at dusk on January 10, 2018, in Bath, England. Although the number of foxes in the UK is actually on the decline, according to a recent study the number of urban foxes in England has quadrupled over the past 20 years with an estimated 150,000 foxes in England, or about one for every 300 urban residents. 

Matt Cardy / Getty

“Liberals” on the rise

The key charts from Gallup:

Americans’ Ideological Views, by Year

Democrats’ Ideological Views Since 2001

Republicans' Ideological Views Since 2001

So, are Democrats becoming more liberal?  Maybe a bit, but mostly this is a matter of symbolism and semantics.  During the late 80’s and into Clinton’s’ term, Democrats let Republicans brandish the “L word” as an epithet and all too often said, “no, I’m a moderate!” instead of a robust defense of liberal values.  As much as anything, that’s worn off now, I think.

For many years, then, plenty of liberal Democrats were happy to label themselves “moderate” while there was no shame in being a conservative Republican.  Not to mention, plenty of “conservative” Republicans have embraced conservative as essentially a tribal label despite having a number of moderate and liberal views.  A nice summary of the research on this in the first page of this PS conference paper.

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