You’re spending too much time with your kids

Maybe.  Especially if you are a college-educated American woman.  Pretty cool set of charts in the Economist:

Among the many notable features is the the increasing gap by education in every country.  Quantity of parental time does not necessarily equal quality.  Back in the 70’s and 80’s, my super-awesome mom just sent me out to play.  Lots less of that today.  That said, insofar as parental involvement helps kids (and this is presumably a rough metric of parental involvement), this suggests the rich (college-educated) getting richer.

Also, what is up with Denmark?!

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Professor of Political Science at NC State

2 Responses to You’re spending too much time with your kids

  1. ohwilleke says:

    This is the flip side of Putnam’s Bowling Alone. We’re spending less free time with buddies and more with our kids. Its a global phenomena with France and former Warsaw Pact countries as outliers.

  2. R. Jenrette says:

    You are spending too much time with your children if this includes doing the homework, writing the papers, and creating the science fair projects. I hear the argument that all the parents are doing it so my kid doesn’t stand a chance if we leave it just to him/her

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