Roy Moore for Slovakia

Wrote a quick take for my Slovakian reporter friend, figured I might as well share here:

Would you say that the senate candidate Roy Moore will politically survive (should survive?) current allegation of sexual misconduct and what does the initial reaction of the GOP tell us about the party?

Still a little early to tell, but I would not be at all surprised to see this follow the Access Hollywood pattern with some initial expressions of shock and dismay, followed by a rallying around in the end.

That said, it seems to me that if Republicans can come up with a workable strategy for holding that seat without Moore, that would be their preferred option. Most of the Republican establishment simply wants that seat and is no fan of Moore. I’ve read some about a possible Republican write-in candidate (Luther Strange, who Moore defeated in the primary). If that looks to become a viable and accepted strategy, there would be huge pressure for Moore to drop out.

As for the initial reaction of the party, my take is that it shows how morally bankrupt so many members are in the name of electoral wins, when one reads the various defenses of Moore. To be fair, many, i.e., John McCain, have heartily condemned, but the number and nature of many of the defenses is pretty damning. There’s also evidence of the alternative reality in which many Republicans live in in which nothing negative reported in the liberal media (now matter how thorough and deeply-sourced the reporting) should be treated as credible and worth believing.

And to add for my American audience, a couple on-point tweets:


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