What is your political type?

Pew released their 2017 political typology last week.  Pretty cool stuff.  Here’s a chart with the basic breakdown of political types:

I love how this chart shows the types among the public, voters, and the most politically engaged.  It’s a clear demonstration why both parties are pulled toward the extreme– that’s where the most active partisans are.  It’s also interesting to see the new groups compared to the 2014 version.  For example, there’s no sign of the “country first conservatives” who are now clearly punching above their weight:

The 2014 Political Typology:  Polarized Wings, a Diverse Middle

And, back to 2017, these are a nice couple of charts for showing where the intra-party divides are:

First time I did the typology, I actually came out an “opportunity Democrat” rather than a “solid liberal.”  As much as I think society way under-appreciates the impact of external forces on one’s life outcomes, I still believe that (properly regulated) markets are a good thing and that hard work does have a way of paying off.  But, it was a really tough call with some binary choices and I took it again, changing just two questions, and came out a “solid liberal.”  I’m probably a solid liberal with more faith in markets and hard-work than most or an opportunity Dem with less faith in markets and hard work than most.

Take it yourself and let me know where you come out!


About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State http://faculty.chass.ncsu.edu/shgreene

5 Responses to What is your political type?

  1. Nicole K says:

    So no surprise, I came out as an Opportunity Democrat. But the questions were too yes/no to accurately match what I think. If the Republican party was led by people like Frum, I would probably still be a republican.

  2. R. Jenrette says:

    Solid Liberal

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