Legal marijuana is coming to you (in time)

Wow– the trend line on Gallup’s latest marijuana poll is something.

Trend: Americans' Support for Legalizing Marijuana Continues to Rise

And, check this out broken down by party:

Republican Support for Legal Marijuana Now at Majority Level

Okay, it will take a while for all the “reefer madness Republicans” e.g., Jeff Sessions and friends, to age out of politics, but once they do, your legal weed is coming.

It was interesting to learn that when Evan’s middle school police officer spoke about staying off drugs, the officer was actually reasonably honest about the relative dangers of marijuana (dependency is bad, but not trying to scare them with horror stories), although he did push the discredited gateway drug theory.

Anyway, with public opinion trendlines like this, Evan will almost certainly be able to legally use marijuana– regardless of the state– in his adulthood.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

4 Responses to Legal marijuana is coming to you (in time)

  1. Nicole K. says:

    Although I completely stopped using marijuana in 2015 and don’t really have any desire to resume regularly using it, I think legal weed is a good thing. After all, making it illegal has never actually stopped anyone who wants to use it from using it, which is true of all drugs. If we are going to make substances illegal, there should be compelling public health reasons for doing so.

  2. ohwilleke says:

    Proof of concept in practice is amazing when it comes to brushing away a parade of horribles.

  3. How can I b part of this moneymaking bloom

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