Who is a feminist?

I’ve been inspired by my Gender & Politics paper assignment to think about doing some real research on American attitudes towards contemporary feminism.  Here’s the assignment:

Informally discuss the meaning of feminism with at least five people. Make sure to ask them if they are a feminist, why or why not, and what do they think of when they hear the term. How did people respond? Why do you think that people reacted as they did? What did these conversations help you learn about perceptions and reality of feminism in America?

Anyway, the 2016 ANES asks respondents if they identify as a feminist.  So, for a start, I just thought I’d see the propensity of different demographic groups to identify a feminist or not.  So, here you go, percentages in each group that identify as feminist:

All: 38%

Democrats: 53%

Republicans: 22%

Men: 25%

Women: 51%

Parent: 38%

Under 30: 41%

Over 60: 35%

Lives in South: 35%

Deep South: 33%

Married 36%

Born-again: 32%

College degree: 50%

White: 38%

Black: 39%

Latino: 35%

Trump voter: 21%

Clinton voter: 59%

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State http://faculty.chass.ncsu.edu/shgreene

One Response to Who is a feminist?

  1. R. Jenrette says:

    I’ve had these discussions with many women over time. I have found that the women who don’t call themselves feminists do support equal pay for equal work and the right to choose. They think the word “feminist” means anti men and they don’t feel they are anti men.
    So they have bought the right’s idea that feminism means denigrating men. It doesn’t, However, as a feminist, I do oppose men who would keep women in an inferior power position in the world.

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