Who wants to remain a Republican?

A white ethnocentrist– that’s who.  Jennifer Rubin is not one and is thus is pretty much through.  It has really been something to see her growing frustration with her long-time political party.  Hell of a kicker to this column:

Trump’s party is convinced that climate change isn’t real but that massive, unproven voter fraud is. House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) wants to talk about evidence-based policymaking. No, really. The party that makes up a crime wave, denies environmental science, lies about immigrants stealing jobs and murdering our children, and thinks trillions in tax cuts will pay for themselves wants evidence-based policymaking? The gall takes one’s breath away.

The GOP is a party gone off the rails morally, intellectually and politically. Not conservative or even coherent, it relies on state TV (Fox News) and Russia bots to echo its nonsense. The question is not why people like Dent, Ros-Lehtinen and Reichert are leaving but why any reasonable adult would remain in the GOP. [emphasis mine]

I saw a little bit on twitter yesterday about Paul Ryan claiming a commission on “evidence-based policy” had long been a goal of his.  I literally laughed out loud.  Yeah, of course Democrats also have their evidence-based shortcomings, but it’s no more symmetrical than is this blog post.  The Republican party is increasingly living in an evidence-free, fact-free (or Trump fact-created world) that leaves no place for humans with even a modicum of intellectual integrity.  Unless, of course, their intellectual goal is white ethnocentrism.

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