Game of Thrones = Lost?

No, it doesn’t.  But this past week’s episode was absurd in so many ways (here’s 27 of them in a nice Vox piece).  What I especially hate is that the “plan” is so dumb and so transparently an ill-conceived excuse for more North of the Wall, undead conflict stuff (which I find utterly boring, but which many seem to love).  Vox:

Who truly believes that seeing a wight will actually convince Cersei to join Jon and Daenerys in battling the White Walkers?…

And last but definitely not least: Why did no one, out of everyone in this entire all-star war council, realize how dumb the whole “capture a wight” plan was from the start?

And Megan Garber brings in some disturbing Lost (a show I totally loved and also felt very much let down by, in the end) in a nice Atlantic post:

As my colleague Spencer Kornhaber put it, “The fuzziness with time just adds to the impression that this is a story driven by coincidence and expedience rather than logic.” And it suggests a certain sloppiness in a show that has otherwise been so precise in its world-building—a sloppiness that asks other questions: Will Game of Thrones keep jumping sharks? Will it nuke fridges? Will it take the good faith it has built up over nearly seven seasons and squander it? Could it, in the end, go the way of Lost, its myths busted, its key questions unresolved?

Also, I’ll go back to one of my themes I first hit years ago.  The Lord of Light is awesome!  Why would anybody stick with the old gods when the Lord of Light can slay your enemies, resurrect you, and give you awesome fire swords?!

As I said to my wife, “bad Game of Thrones is still better than most other TV,” but I’d strongly prefer a return to good Game of Thrones.  And, sure, it’s fantasy, some suspension of disbelief is okay, but in expecting such a ridiculous amount of suspension of disbelief it really is an insult to viewers.

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