The worst people

Scaramucci, obviously, speaks for itself, but the sad truth is we are just going to get more and more incompetent and unqualified people serving Trump.  Seriously, what kind of competent, thoughtful, skilled person would want to sully themselves to serve Trump.  We’re going to be going from 3rd rate to 4th rate people.  I think there are few genuinely qualified people (e.g., McMaster) who are actually making a personal sacrifice in serving this moronic petty tyrant because they know we need some adults in the room for the good of the country, but the more it is revealed what an incredibly horrible person Trump is to serve, the harder and harder it will be to get even marginally qualified people.

On the bright side, this limits Trump’s ability to do damage because they will be incompetent at doing damaging things.  On the down side, it would be nice to actually have key government posts staffed by qualified people.

National Review’s Michael Doughtery absolutely lets loose on Trump as horrible boss:

But the really dangerous effect of Trump’s mismanagement is that it further degrades his administration’s already compromised efforts at hiring staff for senior and sub-cabinet positions. It is literally preventing his administration from taking full possession of the executive branch of government Trump is supposed to lead.

Why would you go to work for him unless you were hard-up for work or needing to take a high-risk gamble with your career? No one in his right mind would respond to a Help Wanted ad that advertised the boss’s propensity to be angered by the trivial and the everyday, leading him to tweet angrily at colleagues or to say damaging things about his employees to the newspaper of record. No one would respond to that ad if it also mentioned that the boss would redirect all the blame below and spread most of the credit to himself and his family members. But this is the Help Wanted ad the executive branch of the United States has now…

And so the Trump White House lacks the “best people” and the best minds working on the problems of government. It lacks expertise while it undertakes a job that desperately needs expertise. That means more mistakes, from simple diplomatic goofs to major strategic and governing decisions…

Trump is a third-rate boss, and he’s increasingly running a third-rate administration. How long until it changes the United States itself into a third-rate power?


About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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