Don’t get too excited

I do think that, even for Trump, gravity exists and really at some point, the catastrophe that is his presidency will be noticed among even Republicans and he will fall in popularity down to a more appropriate level.  But for now, DJT Jr and all this Russian stuff and whatever else might as well be liberal fake news.  A tweet from Patrick Egan:

So, when will it move.  When GOP elites begin to make more than the most tepid “not sure that was appropriate” criticisms of his abominable behavior.  As long, however, as they are so sadly willing to be apologists for things like his campaign (attempting to) conspire with the Russian government, Trump’s approval won’t really go anywhere.  At this point, one might wonder what it would take for GOP politicians to actually come out forcefully against Trump.  Maybe it’s after they get their tax cuts through.  And, my guess is that there’s a decent chance Trump’s closet has a skeleton truly ugly enough to actually break through.

Regardless, this is a key dynamic right now– elected GOP elites continue to support Trump and GOP voters continue to support Trump.  Until that first part changes, don’t expect much of the latter.


About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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