Satanic daycare workers are coming to harm your children

Sounds like a joke or a really absurd Onion headline– right?  Sadly, in the late 1980’s and early 90’s all sorts of people actually totally fell for obvious nonsense.  Bad enough, the worst part is the dozens of people who’s lives were literally ruined by what amounted to a modern day witch hunt.  Seriously, our criminal justice system functioned as embarrassingly poorly as if it were the Salem Witch Trials.

Here’s a great story in the Intercept about a Texas couple recently exonerated after 25 years (and 20 years in prison) for acts such as, “The Kellers had sacrificed babies; they held ceremonies in a local graveyard; they put blood in the children’s Kool-Aid; Fran cut off the arm of a gorilla in a local park; they flew the children to Mexico to be sexually assaulted by military officials.”

It’s not crazy that suggestible pre-schoolers might make this stuff up.  What is crazy is all the adults in the criminal justice system who would then consider these pre-schoolers credible witnesses and zealously prosecute the poor Kellers.  And people are so committed to believing that they are good people and wouldn’t put innocent people in jail, that, even now, many in the criminal justice refuse to admit their mistakes.  Anyway, you should so read this story.


About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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