Americans love same-sex marriage

Again, the pace of change on this issue is pretty amazing.  Here’s the latest Pew survey.  Just 6 years ago support and oppose was basically tied:

And Americans of all ages have been changing:

Notice that even younger Republicans generally support:

And lastly, even the younger Evangelicals are changing fast on the issue:

Pretty clear why the right needs Trans people to be cultural villains now.


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3 Responses to Americans love same-sex marriage

  1. Nicole K. says:

    Yeah, I’m especially aware of the fact that cultural conservatives are honing in on trans people. I’ll probably be the only member of my family not attending my cousin’s wedding on labor day. This is despite the fact that I’m currently living in the DC area where the wedding is happening, I went with my uncle to scout the location where the wedding is taking place, and my sister’s kids are in the wedding. The reason I won’t be there is because I’m transgendered. In January – before I came out – my aunt made me promise I would be there. I haven’t seen or spoken to her since I let my uncle know I was transgendered. Now instead of going to their house for a meal, my uncle and I meet up one-on-one off-site at a restaurant. He’s the only person of that branch of the family that is interested in continuing any sort of connection with me. I’m happy he has decided to maintain this connection, but it is super awkward how the dynamics of where and how we spend time together have completely changed. But there’s nothing I can do about the fact that my aunt is as socially conservative as they come. When her son was looking for a room to stay in over the summer, she heard that his prospective landlord was vegan, and that was enough to start making her nervous. The fact that my cousin’s future husband’s father is a professor at the renowned educational institution Liberty University is probably another reason I’m no longer invited. Well, technically I could go, but only if I dress and identify as a male while I’m attending. That’s simply not going to happen.

    Whenever my mom has told any of her very Christian friends about me being transgendered, their reaction is uniformly “oh, I’ll pray for you” like I’ve got cancer or some other serious problem in need of divine intervention.

    Perhaps some of this is in response to the fact that transgendered people are getting an excessive amount of attention in the media and popular culture right now. It seems like every day there are 5 new stories on CNN about “the family transitioning together” or “the pregnant man”. It seems to give the cultural conservatives extra opportunities to get worked up about things they might not otherwise even think about.

    I’d really like all the attention in the media and culture to settle down. I don’t want to be singled out for attention – positive or negative – just because I’m transgendered. I don’t need to wear my status as a chip on my shoulder or as something worthy of celebration. I mentioned to my therapist the other day about what made me uncomfortable at a recent trip to a transgendered support group. They seemed to put a lot of emphasis on being a “transwoman”. I asked my therapist why do we need to focus so much on the trans part? The part I want to focus on is the being a woman part. The trans part, as far as I’m concerned, is just a detail. It’s not the thing I want people to focus on when they think about me as a person.

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