Lying parents

Happy Father’s Day.  I love my dad and I’m happy my kids love me, but I could’ve done with a little less paternal fawning over all the “greatest dad ever”s on social media.  Yeah, I’m a curmudgeon some times.  That said, I did enjoy my Father’s Day hike with the kids.  Here I am with the 3 kids who wanted to pose with me.

Anyway, Pew had a nice FactTank piece on modern Fatherhood.  I found this chart hilarious, as should every other parent who is honest:

You know what you call parents who say parenting is enjoyable and rewarding all of the time?  Liars.  You all know how much I love being a dad.  But “all the time”?!  Oh, yeah, I’m loving it when Evan and Sarah won’t stop screaming at each other for whose bothering who and who hit who, etc.

Also, while we’re at it, interesting to see how much more time parents now spend with their kids and the gender disparities:

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