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The latest research suggests that the first Homo Sapiens evolved in Africa at least 300,000 years ago, not 200,000, as previously thought.  This calls into question a lot of what we thought we knew about the origin of Homo Sapiens (oh, and hey, another chance for me to plug Sapiens).  Anyway, I just think it is really cool to think that early humans where making the tools in this photo 300,00 years ago.

Some of the stone tools found at the Jebel Irhoud site. CreditMohammed Kamal/Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology


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  1. ohwilleke says:

    Not a huge adjustment. An estimate of the origin of the species from 2000 year old Kalahari desert ancient DNA estimated an origin older than 260,000 years. The oldest Y-DNA lineage discovered a couple of years ago was dated to about 270,000 years ago. We’ve know for a number of years that modern humans were older than the 195,000 years of the oldest remains located. And, the 300,000 year old individual is really transitional between archaic hominins and anatomically modern humans with a mosaic of features. If anything, the location of this very old transitional modern human in Morocco rather than Eastern or Southern Africa where almost all other very old modern human remains have been found is more paradigm shaking.

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