Chart of the day (Identity Politics)

Been meaning to share this nice chart from 538 using PRRI data:

Yes, just so we’re clear hear, Republicans think Christians and Whites face more discrimination than Blacks and that Christians face more discrimination than Muslims.  Hard to imagine more clear data that Republicans truly are living in an alternate reality.  Thanks Fox and talk radio!


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Professor of Political Science at NC State

One Response to Chart of the day (Identity Politics)

  1. Nicole K says:

    Apparently they believe Christians face as much discrimination as transgender people do as well. That certainly matches with my recent experience house sitting in Johnston County. I am sure there were lots of Christians feeling uncomfortable about how people were treating them when they had to use a public restroom or had people staring at them when they tried to eat in public.

    I am sure life is very difficult for them. After all I only saw about 900 churches. Some of them were bigger than high schools, had huge signs, gyms, etc.

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