Do Republicans hate women presidential candidates?

Maybe.  But Democrats do, too.  My partner-in-crime, Laurel Elder supervised a really cool senior thesis of one of her students, Jackie Davis.  She partially updated one of my favorite studies from a decade ago, where respondents were asked to evaluate the suitability for office of hypothetical candidates, Brian Miller and Karen Miller.  Of course, the only difference between the candidates was the clearly-gendered first name.  On the bright side, Karen wasn’t really punished when running for Senate, but Brian was seen as much more qualified for president.  (On a fun side note, “Terry” came out right between the two of them).

So, Jackie basically replicated the presidential part of this with Jessica Stone and Joshua Stone (you can check out Jessica’s impressive, non-partisan resume here).  The results, unsurprising, but nonetheless, depressing.  Joshua just kills Jessica as being seen as qualified to be president (again, identical resume).  Here’s the key graph:

Also, note how that gap among Republicans is especially large as compared to the Democratic gap– yep, that’s statistically significant (the original study never showed any results by party of respondent).  So, I guess you could say that everybody discriminates against women presidential candidates, but Republicans  really discriminate.

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