The process

All the headlines say Republicans have the votes.  Again, just insane what incredibly bad policy they are willing to support.  And those who presumably know better are voting for it over $8 billion, which is just a tiny fraction of what’s needed.  And, the process, my God, the process.  Chait:

Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare without a replacement failed. But they are attempting the next closest thing: a bill the party leadership will try to rush into law without the barest elements of due diligence. There have been no hearings, no studies, no Congressional Budget Office analysis; not even the text of a bill circulated the day before Thursday’s vote.

All so Trump can get a “win.”  And, again, as for the bill:

They are rushing through a chamber of Congress a bill reorganizing one-fifth of the economy, without even cursory attempts to gauge its impact. Its budgetary impact is as yet unknown. The same is true of its social impact, though the broad strokes are clear enough: Millions of Americans will lose access to medical care, and tens of thousands of them will die, and Congress is eager to hasten these results without knowing them more precisely. Their haste and secrecy are a way of distancing the House Republicans from the immorality of their actions.

Of course, a reminder, it’s impact on people’s lives can fairly well be predicted:

The heart of the bill is the same one that was polling at under 20 percent and failed two months ago: a near-trillion dollar tax cut for wealthy investors, financed by cuts to insurance subsidies for the poor and middle class.

Particularly enjoyed this tweet from Yglesias:


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4 Responses to The process

  1. rgbact says:

    “nearly $1Trillion tax cut for wealthy investors” . Whatta shock…..liberals are totally making up every scare story they can, journalism ethics be damned.

    Meanwhile, last insurer in Iowa is now bowing out. Good luck getting coverage….pre existing condition or not.

    • Steve Greene says:

      They are bowing out because it is really hard to run an insurance business with the kind of uncertainty the R’s are creating. Also, what’s not true about the tax cut?

      • rgbact says:

        Probably off by factor of 3. Just fun seeing these big votes come up and seeing the massive spin machine go into effect.Then you throw Twitter into the mix.

  2. R. Jenrette says:

    Wasn’t that a great victory party featuring the mostly white male Congressmen and their President? First time in history that passing a House bill was celebrated in such a big way. Usually they wait for the President’s signature.
    The unholy “217” will campaign in infamy until 2018.
    “Hey, hey, Donald J – how many Americans have you killed today?”

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