Even the “good” Republicans lie shamelessly

I caught a little bit of Kasich on CNN while at the gym this morning.  He was making a call for Trump to work with Democrats and be bipartisan.  Good, insofar as it goes.  Kasich seems to be many Democrats favorite Republican these days since he seems to genuinely care about poor people having health care and appears moderate when compared to the Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio’s of the world.  Anyway, what was frustrating was just how dishonest he was in the comments I saw.  He said that Republicans had to be different from Obama and the Democrats in 2009 and actually be bipartisan in crafting health care legislation, rather than strictly partisan as Democrats had been.

Sure, Republicans uniformly rejected it, but Obama tried hard as hell to actually make it bipartisan (Norm Ornstein with a nice history lesson here).  Kasich surely knows this, but just can’t help himself from lying about it.  If we’re going to actually have bipartisanship– newsflash, we’re not– it would help for the “moderate” Republicans to at least be honest about the reality of Obamacare and how it came to pass.


About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State http://faculty.chass.ncsu.edu/shgreene

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