No regrets

Some political scientists conducted a pretty interesting survey where they asked respondents if they would change their presidential vote if given the choice.  Among the Trump voters, very few regrets.  Via the Monkey Cage:

Who would vote differently?

On the next screen, we asked everyone, “Suppose you could go back in time and vote again in the November election. What would you do?”

Respondents were presented with the same choices — Trump, Clinton, Stein, Johnson, someone else, or not vote at all. Of the 339 poll participants who originally voted for Trump, only 12 (3½ percent) said they would do something different.

Only three individuals (fewer than 1 percent of Trump voters) said that, could they go back in time, they would cast their vote for Clinton. Seven said they would vote for one of the minor-party candidates.

When we asked why, most regretful Trump voters pointed specifically to his performance as president. (Misspellings are original.)

“He has moved kinda fast with the immagration ban, and abortion law.”

“I don’t like his decisions so far.”

“Trump’s actions since the inaugeration.”

“… Trump cannot get out of his own way. He won’t stop running his mouth and has no humility.”

These sentiments echo regrets highlighted in social media. But they are too few to conclude that Trump’s electoral coalition has somehow eroded. Moreover, of the already small number of Trump voters expressing regret, only one in four would have shifted their support to the Democratic nominee.

Cannot say I’m all that surprised.  As I’ve said time and time again, President Trump = Candidate Trump.  He’s horrible, but there’s not actually any surprises in it.  Trump voters either A) knew he was horrible and were willing to overlook it for tax cuts and the Supreme Court, or B) actually like the horribleness (and suffer from varying degrees of delusion as to how grossly incompetent he is).

Also, therefore, worth pointing out, that, overall, Trump remains quite popular among Republicans.  Drum with a nice graph:

This has been and remains the key dynamic.  Don’t expect much to change until this does.


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Professor of Political Science at NC State

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