This Chart

Many versions– this is from WSJ:

It strikes me as highly unlikely a version of the Republican plan close to this ever becomes law.  But if I’m the Democrats, I do my best not to let any Americans forget this chart for the next four years.  24 million more people without health insurance.  That’s something Democrats should have written on their forearms every time they go on TV and talk with reporters.

And, here’s the thing, even if Republicans pull back and only kick 10 million or so off insurance, don’t let this go.  “Congressman X supported Paul Ryan’s plan to take health insurance away from 24 million Americans so that the richest 1% of Americans could have a tax cut.”  And don’t stop.  There’s the wonderful added benefit of this being true.

More later.

Photo of the day

Apparently, Fukushima has been overrun by wild boars.  Atlantic with a photo gallery:

A wild boar stands in a residential area in an evacuation zone near Tokyo Electric Power Co’s tsunami-crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Namie town, Fukushima prefecture, Japan, on March 1, 2017.

Toru Hanai / Reuters

This is what a White Ethno-nationalist party looks like

Republican member of Congress– and longtime thinly-veiled racist/xenophobe– Steve King on twitter yesterday:

What’s depressing is how little pushback there is from other Republicans so far (there’s very little in a google news search as of just now).  To stand silent in the face of this is to tacitly approve.  And it’s disgusting.

And, this is what a white entho-nationalist political party looks like.  However much you may love (the shamefully dishonest) Paul Ryan and his tax cuts, this is what the Republican Party has become.

And Good Lord, while searching on twitter for any sign of widespread Republican condemnation I came across this tweet, which I just assumed was a fake quote until I saw it was from CNN.  Trump’s America.

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