Lies and the lying liars who tell them

In other words, the Republican defenders of the ACA repeal effort.  Philip Bump chronicles the lies from just today’s morning’s shows:

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price: Coverage will increase. Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Price offered his vision for what success of the bill looked like.

“Success, it’s important to look at that,” he said. “It means more people covered than are covered right now at an average cost that is less. I believe that we can firmly do that with the plan that we’ve laid out there.”

Last year, Price, then a member of the House, offered an Affordable Care Act replacement bill that was vetoed by President Barack Obama. An analysis of that bill from the Congressional Budget Office figured that 18 million peoplewould lose coverage under that plan.

Price also told host Chuck Todd that “nobody will be worse off financially” under the proposal…

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan: People will make their own choices. Ryan appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation” with John Dickerson. After Ryan (R-Wis.) offered his prediction that the Congressional Budget Office would estimate that coverage would drop, Dickerson asked how many people the speaker thought might lose coverage.

“I can’t answer that question. It’s up to people,” he said. “Here’s the premise of your question. Are you going to stop mandating people buy health insurance? People are going to do what they want to do with their lives because we believe in individual freedom in this country.”

“It’s not our job to make people do something that they don’t want to do,” he added later. “It is our job to have a system where people can get universal access to affordable coverage if they choose to do so or not.”

It’s worth noting that this contrasts with what the official website for the Republican repeal effort states. Linked prominently from Ryan’s official House website, the public American Health Care Act page explicitly states in a FAQ that millions won’t lose coverage.

Ugh.  In many ways, the most frustrating part of all of this is how Paul Ryan is still treated as a revered, wonkish truth-teller by so much of the press.  When it comes to lies about taxes and health care policy, he’s literally just as bad as Donald Trump.  Love this Yglesias tweet:

Just constant, bald-faced lying.  Ryan has as much credibility here as Trump does on the Obama was wiretapping him allegation.  Media needs to start treating Ryan with the same level of distrust and derision.

Oh, and just because I’m at it, Josh Marshall with a nice reminder of all of Trump’s health care promises, which, of course, he never actually meant.

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3 Responses to Lies and the lying liars who tell them

  1. Jon K says:

    “It’s not just about coverage, it’s about access to care, it’s about access to be able to see your doctors,” Cohn said in an interview on “Fox News Sunday.” “The numbers of who’s covered and who is not covered ― that’s interesting, and I know that may make some headlines, but what we care about is people’s ability to get health care and people’s ability to go see their doctor.”

    This makes me so angry I am almost at a loss for words. Paul Ryan is being so dishonest about his plan and intentions regarding health care that I am sorry I ever respected him or supported the Republican party.

    Claiming this is about access to insurance is an attempt to confuse people about what is at stake. What good is access to insurance if it is too expensive for you to buy it? What good is insurance if it isn’t adequate to actually pay your medical bills should you need to use it?

    This plan would end medicaid as we know it in 2020. This would not just be bad for those who currently benefit from expanded medicaid. The GOP plan would change the funding for medicaid to fixed block grants. States would be forced to live within these grants no matter what their actual costs are. Medicaid now pays for nursing home care for elderly Americans who need it. Are Republicans really going to kick grandma out of the nursing home?

    The fact that they are phasing it out in 2020 just makes me even more angry. People won’t realize the disaster that is on the horizon because it has been put on hold for a few years. I would have more respect for Ryan if he would just admit his intentions and just took away health care for the poor right away instead of delaying it until 2020.

    • Steve Greene says:

      It’s like saying all Americans have “access to a yacht.” Glad to know somebody will legally sell me a yacht when I start pulling in millions.

      • R. Jenrette says:

        It’s also like – living under a bridge is an option for everyone, the homeless as well as the billionaires.

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