I think this take might overdo it a bit on the sexism angle (I suspect Joe Biden would have been attacked pretty harshly on this as it is clearly an effective bludgeon), but, there’s definitely something to it:

The revelation that Pence employed shoddy e-mail protocols of his own reinforces something that you probably already intuited, but that nonetheless bears repeating, just in case: Donald Trump’s ceaseless, furious condemnations of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail management was never about honesty, or national security, or best practices in information technology. It was a politically expedient lie, carefully crafted by a man well-versed in telling them, that was designed to take advantage of one of the most insidious lingering stereotypes in so-called polite society, which is the falsehood that women, deep down, are incapable of doing the tough jobs right—that it would simply be imprudent for a nation to entrust a lady with a role as important as president of the United States.

Trump, because he is never one for half-measures, chose to describe Clinton’s conduct as purposeful and malicious while on the campaign trail. But really, establishing her intent wasn’t necessary. As long as his “Lock her up” drum-beating activated the stereotype in voters’ minds, planting just enough seeds of doubt about the potential consequences of making this careless, bumbling, technologically illiterate woman commander-in-chief, that was enough.


About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

3 Responses to Emails!

  1. rgbact says:

    Interesting if Democrats are setting up a return for Hillary in 2020 with this neverending re-litigation of the last election and how Hillary was supposedly robbed. She also got her DNC choice in… it appears that the Clintonites aren’t going away at all.

  2. Jeremy Tarone says:

    Trump lies about everyone he’s in competition with or those who displease him, be they female, male, black or white or entire organizations.
    So is it really about Hillary being a woman? If so, is ex President Obama a woman? Trump lied about him too.

    Lets face it, Trump is a liar and liars lie.

    Trump lies as easily as most people breath. He lies in order to advance his interests. He lies to hurt people who displeased him. He probably lies because he’s become so used to lying that he believes most of his lies. (A lot like many Republicans.)
    If he was to say he was the greatest liar, that nobody lies like him, he’d be lying since his lies are so often transparent and easily shown to be lies.
    At least to those who aren’t his blind followers.

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