Immigrants and crime in chart form

While political pundits were busy falling all over themselves that Trump successfully read off a teleprompter and was not particularly mean-spirited in tone on Tuesday night, they pretty much overlooked him stealing a page from the Nazi’s and other authoritarian regimes with his proposal for a new office dedicated to crimes caused by immigrants.  So, so wrong.  Especially, when you consider the reality, nicely captured in this chart:

Yep.  This is not actually the easiest area to study, but we can say with confidence that there is simply not any decent evidence that immigrants, legal or illegal, are more prone to crime than native-born.  But, pesky things like facts never stopped Donald Trump.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

One Response to Immigrants and crime in chart form

  1. R. Jenrette says:

    The Republicans seem determined to keep low skill workers of the U.S. But they seem equally as determined to gather in as many technologically skilled workers without a worry that they can and do take jobs away from equally qualified American workers under the H1B provisions.
    It’s hard to believe that they are concerned with high paying good jobs for Americans first when their acts say they want to help Big Tech bring in foreign workers at lower pay.
    This has a moral component as well as an economic one. Should the U.S. be draining highly educated and skilled workers away from their native countries who need them badly for their own development?

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