There might be a whole lot more Republican (registered!) professors in Iowa

If nobody’s made a blog entitled, “really stupid stuff that Republican state legislators say/propose” there’s sure as hell a full-time job in that.  I try not to jump on it too much because it’s almost a dog bites man story.  That said, some are just so stupid, and so related to my own life.  Like this one.  From the Chronicle of Higher Ed:

Iowa’s public universities would have to base faculty-hiring decisions on applicants’ political-party affiliations under a bill pending before the State Senate’s Education Committee.

The measure, SF 288, would require the state’s three public universities to gather voter-registration data on prospective instructors and not make any hire that would cause either Democrats or Republicans on an institution’s faculty to outnumber each other by more than 10 percent.

Universities would work with the state’s commissioner of elections to collect applicants’ voter-registration data, and applicants who have not declared an affiliation with either of the two major parties would be exempt from having their political backgrounds considered.

The bill does not specify which political party it regards as underrepresented on campuses. But its sponsor, State Sen. Mark Chelgren, is a conservative Republican who previously has criticized the faculties of Iowa’s public universities. Two years ago he proposed an unusual bill that would have subjected even tenured professors to being fired if enough students gave them poor evaluations or voted for their dismissal.

Good Lord, the stupid!  As Seth Masket noted when sharing on FB, you would absolutely see a huge number of professors in Iowa with Republican registration.

If you want more analysis for just how ludicrous this is, go here.

Photo of the day

The bull that was running wild on the city streets of New York, yesterday.

A bull led its owners and the police on a chase after escaping from Aziz Slaughter House in Queens on Tuesday morning. CreditTheodore Parisienne

Here’s what he was trying to avoid (I’m shocked that the NYT story linked directly to this video and still hardly more than 3000 hits when I checked last night).

No permit for concealed gun; but forget the concealed slingshot

If it’s not bad enough that some NC Republicans are so obsessed with gun “rights” that they thing even requiring a concealed carry permit is too burdensome, they’ve got to name the damn thing “Constitutional Carry.”  Oh please!  From the Charlotte Observer:

A Cabarrus County state legislator has introduced a bill that would do away with the need for a permit to carry a concealed gun.

Sponsored by Rep. Larry Pittman, House Bill 69 (called the Constitutional Carry Act) would eliminate the need for concealed-carry permits for North Carolinians who carry handguns, but not for larger firearms. Any U.S. citizen 18 years or older would be able to carry a concealed handgun under the proposed legislation, unless otherwise disallowed by state or federal law.

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