Two ways of thinking about Trump popularity

Damn, this guy is the worst ever.  Check out comparable disapprove rates early in a presidency.  Pew:

Take heart, the American people are onto him– right?

Well, fair to say most of us.  But, damnit, Republicans have their heads so deep in the sand on Trump they could reach Eastern Russia (seems more appropriate than China).  And, of course, politically speaking, that’s what matters the most right now.

Trump is doing (marginally) better with R’s at this point than the previous three Republican presidents.  Just wow.  I get partisanship, I get the tribalism, but, I mean there’s “Republican President” and there’s Trump.

That said, I will honestly be surprised if he is not a historically unpopular president within a year.  Partisanship is strong; it’s not invincible.  And Trump’s awfulness will surely test it for many.

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