Does it matter that Pudzer is out?

Not really.  Jim Newell captures it:

It should be pointed out, too, that Puzder’s loss of Republican support has little to do with his record of pulverizing low-wage workers as a boss. That was the whole point of considering him! And they would’ve gotten away, too, if it wasn’t for that Oprah. Ah, well. Trump should have no difficulty finding another rich person with a horrendous record on, and future ambitions for, the degradation of working conditions to put in charge of American labor policy.

Sure, I suppose there’s some moral victory in one of Trump’s worst nominees not getting through.  But this is hardly a victory for sensible Labor policies.


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3 Responses to Does it matter that Pudzer is out?

  1. ohwilleke says:

    I disagree. The particular appointee may be replaced with another who supports bad policies, but the last time a cabinet appointee wasn’t approved by a Senate controlled by the same party was in 1925. It creates a precedent that Republicans can defy the administration without consequences and it adds to a series of Trump initiatives that have failed to launch that undermine his effectiveness. Also, simply delaying a department of labor appointment keeps the civil servants in charge longer and the Trumpist appointee (who will in turn have to approve subordinates as well) more delayed. Even DeVos, who was approved, demonstrated again that the GOP could not be relied upon to follow Trump blindly and turned what should have been an easy victory into a partial defeat.

  2. R. Jenrette says:

    Also Puder’s withdrawel shows that protests inform and arouse the public. And sometimes, magically a tape appears or stories from the past emerge and the people win something.
    Small victories add up and they keep the Democratic base energized.
    Poorly vetted candidates for government positions may think again before accepting nominations.
    Also, even small victories frazzle DJT.
    I wonder what Tillerson thinks about Trump nixing Elliot Abrams for Deputy Secretary of State.

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