Map of the day

In honor of loyal reader and Finnish friend, Mika, here’s a map from Amazing Maps that shows Finns are more willing to fight for their country than anyone else in Europe.

Also of note, that whole Hitler thing sure has had a lasting legacy on Germans in this regard.

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One Response to Map of the day

  1. Mika says:

    What a pleasant surprise 🙂 History must have something to do with and of course common border with Russia. One important thing is that we have conscription. Even though there is an alternative service available, “according to Finnish Defence Forces 2011 data slightly under 80% of Finnish males turned 30 had entered and finished the military service.” (wikipedia) Alternative service has become more popular over the last 20-30 years but still the military service is the “normal” option. Also the other blue one’s have conscription, Turkey, Ukraine, Greece and Russia. Sweden suspended it in 2010. Austria and Switzerland are outliers in this respect, they have conscription but not very high willingness to fight. About those Balkan states I’ve no idea.

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