Republicans looking out for the little guy!

Kidding!!  As if.  No, they want to ensure that financial advisers have the legal right to give you bad advice to enrich themselves.  Seriously.  Yay, America!  Drum:

Nine months ago President Obama signed an executive order that required retirement advisers to act in the best interest of their client. That seems like a good idea, doesn’t it? Maybe to you it does, but as it turns out, Republicans hate it. It’s just more nanny state-ism. They think everyone should have the freedom to pick financial advisors who get secret kickbacks for steering you into lousy investments.

Donald Trump doesn’t actually seem to care one way or another, but whatever. If Republicans want to repeal it, what the hell…

And a lengthier deconstruction (as well as the truly pathetic Republican rationalization, “This is like putting only healthy food on the menu,” from Chait.


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One Response to Republicans looking out for the little guy!

  1. R. Jenrette says:

    Real estate brokers and agent must, by law, act as fiduciaries. Will that be on the line too in this administration? After all, the President is a big time real estate actor.

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