Just your average lie of the day

You know, it could be a full time position for a team to counter Trump’s lies, but I think some lies are particularly worth calling out.  And, given the all-around Republican war on the federal government and the federal workforce, today’s is definitely worth calling out.  So, today’s #alternativefact, the growing federal workforce.  Drum:

A bunch of little things happened this afternoon. They’re not really big enough for a full post each, so here’s a little roundup. First up, President Trump signed an order freezing the federal workforce. This is part of the standard conservative playbook, and I doubt it means much in the long run. However, press secretary Sean Spicer—who moments earlier had said he would never lie to us—explained that Trump’s order “counters the dramatic expansion of the federal workforce in recent years.” Just for the record, here’s that dramatic expansion:

If you look closely, you can see the dramatic expansion at the far right of the beige line. Do you see it? No? Look harder. Use your browser to zoom in. See? There it is! The federal workforce increased from 2.09 million in 2014 to 2.12 million in 2015. And it probably went up to 2.14 million or so in 2016. That’s less than it was at the end of the Reagan administration.

And, it’s not even stable, but losing if you look at share of the workforce:

Another day, another (dozen or so) empirically verifiable lie.

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3 Responses to Just your average lie of the day

  1. ohwilleke says:

    I am a bit surprised that the formation of the TSA, a major shift of more than 100K employees from the private sector to the public sector, didn’t produce a more notable upward blip.

    It is also worth noting that significant declines in U.S. Postal Service employment for technology and outsourcing driven reasons conceals increases in civilian federal civilian employment elsewhere.

    Finally, the total number of active duty military personnel, while not at an all time low, has declined significantly since the end of the Cold War ca. 1989, notwithstanding small wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Some of the decline is due to lower demand in peacetime and shrinking U.S. military bases abroad, while some of the decline is due to increased automation of military systems from ships to artillery batteries.

  2. Jon K says:

    There are nearly three times as many employees over age 60 as under age 30. Freezing the workforce is stupid. If they want to cut expenses they should be offering early retirement incentives to the older workers and refreshing it with young people who are paid significantly less than someone who has been on the job 20+ years.

    It is frustrating that republicans keep insinuating that work for the federal government is less than an honorable career choice. I find it offensive that they perpetuate the idea that federal employment is akin to welfare and that the workforce spends its time eating donuts and watching TV.

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