Public opinion on GMO

Pew recently published a report about the American public’s views on food and science.  Not surprisingly, I was particularly interested in the part dealing with GMO food.  On the bright side, a plurlality of the public recognizes that GMO foods are not inherently better or worse for health.  On the downside, a disturbingly large minority (and surely a more intense one) believes GMO food is bad for you:

And as the chart shows, not just unhealthy, but most see “high” risks.

Meanwhile, I find this chart concerning as young people are the most misinformed, and of course, young people are the future of politics:

And the demographics/politics chart is interesting, as it shows how modest the divisions are– especially politically.  The biggest gap is gender– which I hope to have something to say about in print before too long.

And, I guess, on the bright side, those with high science knowledge are more likely to see the real potential benefits:

Of course, it’s not like Americans are known for their high science knowledge.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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