OMG– these guys are the worst

By which I mean the NC Republican legislators.  I would say shame on them, but these guys literally have no shame.  I thought I had lost my capacity to be surprised by these petty, pathetic, little tyrants.  I was wrong.  So, they have to face a governor from the opposite party, they’ll just try and strip every power they can from him.  Seriously.  Via WRAL’s Mark Binker:

But the most eye-catching bills will curb Cooper’s ability to appoint agency officials and members of certain boards.

“It appears this fourth special session will be to nullify the vote of the people for governor,” House Minority Leader


Hall, D-Durham, compared the actions by lawmakers to the 1898 riots in Wilmington that overturned election results unpopular with white supremacists at the time.

One bill filed Wednesday would strip Cooper of his appointments to boards of trustees for University of North Carolina campuses, and the Senate would have to confirm all of Cooper’s appointments to serve as cabinet secretaries. It also slices the number of political supervisory positions Cooper can hire and fire at will from 1,500, as has been the case under McCrory, to 300.

Another bill would merge the State Board of Elections and the Ethics Commission into a single eight-member body, splitting appointments evenly between Republican and Democratic members. Currently, members from the majority party hold a 3-2 advantage on the elections board. Local election boards would also be converted from three members to four members. [emphasis mine]

“This group will be a nonpartisan committee, because it will be completely balanced,” said Sen.

, R-Mecklenburg.

The same measure would also change the Supreme Court from nonpartisan elections to partisan. Republicans have long felt that the nonpartisan races put their candidates at a disadvantage, a notion borne out by Democrat Mike Morgan’s defeat of incumbent Justice Bob Edmunds this fall. The bill would also limit appeals of cases to the Supreme Court if they are first heard by all 15 Court of Appeals judges in an en banc panel, a procedure that is currently rarely used.

“Unconstitutional laws could be in effect for years before the state Supreme Court would finally get the case and rule,” said Anita Earls, director of the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, which has successfully sued the state on a number of elections matters. “It also means that every case will be ruled on first by a majority of Republican judges. This further encourages more partisanship instead of fostering an impartial judiciary.”

Earls also characterized the changes to the state Board of Elections as a “partisan power grab.”

Truly beyond the pale and truly beyond what should ever happen in a properly-functioning democracy.

Oh, and looks like this has gone national.  NYT is on it, too.  I hope the Moral Monday folks get a protest arranged because I am so there.


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One Response to OMG– these guys are the worst

  1. Jon K says:

    The NC GOP has no respect for anything that falls outside of their agenda. They have repeatedly demonstrated this over and over again and have not faced any consequences. I am not surprised that they feel like kneecapping the governor is a smart move. After all, who can do anything about it? Protests and complaints haven’t been effective in reigning them in in the past, and they will just ignore any protest in the future.

    I do agree with one of their issues. If we are going to insist on electing judges it is beyond insane to pretend that the candidates are somehow nonpartisan. Keeping party affiliations off the ballot just confuses voters in races most voters know very little about. It is wrong to complain about republican efforts to rig the system when democrats are similarly invested in their own.

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