Good media sources– a visual guide

This is pretty nice.  Also sharing this with my son.  But what happened to CBS?

A decent breakdown of all things real and fake news.


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4 Responses to Good media sources– a visual guide

  1. Graham says:

    Pretty nice graphic. Would be nice if the chart provided metrics or evidence for how they arrived there (not that any of it is surprising).

    I’ve been thinking about how the need for cognition attribute ties into this since you posted that. My facebook feed is full of artists and engineers, and I’d love to sort by info sources and career field.

  2. Terrant says:

    @Graham There is a wall of text that accompanies this. tl/dr: This is the product of the author’s analysis. She said some may not agree with her and did add that the physical placement of the logos is not accurate (the bubbles are the important part).

  3. rgbact says:

    NYT and NPR have minimal bias? C’mon. Clearly a list made by a liberal. All online conservative sources are the crazy evidently. No bias there..

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