Why we have those “job killing” regulations

Interesting story in the N&O today about workers installing AT&T Fiber right here in Cary (and quite possibly my neighborhood) who were working for an unscrupulous AT&T sub-contractor and basically got screwed when injured on the job.  There’s laws on the books that says that employers cannot pretend that an employee is actually a sub-contractor when they are not in order to save money.  And then be able to stiff them on medical bills when their hand gets crushed in a ditch-digging machine.

Derek Mims, 19, had his fingers crushed in a ditch-digging machine while installing fiber cables for an AT&T contractor on Oct. 31, 2016. He has been struggling to get his medical bills paid by the company that hired him.

You know what we call laws like that?  Regulations.  Of course, to AT&T, they were surely just “job killing regulations.”  You can actually hire more employees when you pay them less and treat them like crap.  How about that?  Next time you hear about those “job killing regulations” and how the Republicans are going to unleash the economy by doing away with them, just remember this image above and that the employer took no responsibility for it.


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One Response to Why we have those “job killing” regulations

  1. R. Jenrette says:

    Yes and remember all the children with asthma before the emissions of coal powered electric plants were lessened by regulation. And all the trees that died in the Appalachians.
    Our air still isn’t perfect but was much improved.

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