The public on the Trump transition

Well, encouragingly, I suppose, the public does not think too highly of how Trump is running his transition.  From Pew:

Low approval ratings for Trump's transition

Yep, there’s not going to be a honeymoon.

And from the same survey… damn, nothing like having your party in charge to be convinced of great economic things to come.  On some level, I never stop being amazed at the power of partisanship:

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One Response to The public on the Trump transition

  1. Mike in Chapel Hill says:

    Republicans have been trained (duped, conned) into thinking that high corporate taxes are the root of all economic problems. No more thought required. So, if this administration cuts taxes and regulations then everything will be swell!! How could this not work? I mean, this is the GOP’s core economic belief. It has to work, right? This is what all those unemployed, underemployed, and precariously employed people in the Rust Belt and coal states were told. Now we all just have to be patient for the better jobs, higher incomes, better health insurance, improved roads and schools to materialize. Republican Nirvana almost achieved! Just have to put those troublesome gays, liberals, non-white, and smarty-pants coastal elites in their place.

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