What really happened in the election

Love this FB post from Political Scientist Matthew Gunning.  It’s based on actual election returns, not just exit polls.  I’m sure there will be more sophisticated and thorough analyses along these lines in time, but for now, this is really good:

Thanks to Rob‘s tip I was able to download all county level returns. I sorted out the counties in Census designated Urbanized Areas with at least a quarter of a million population (2010). This allowed me to look at the results for big cities (Metro America) and Rural America (rural +smaller metros).

1) Metro American actually voted slightly more Democratic than in 2012 both in terms of the share of the vote and the total number of Democratic votes cast. In 2012 Democrats won Metro America 55%-44% and in 2016 they won it 54%-41%. The Democratic margin increased from 11% to 13%. Republicans won almost exactly the same number of votes but their share fell as Democrats added 2 million more voters. I think that the speculation about disenchanted Democrats not turning out is looking unsubstantiated based on these aggregate numbers. It also looks like most of those Republicans who said they weren’t voting for Trump came back to the GOP. It was almost a carbon copy of the 2012 election here.

2) In Rural America Republicans increased both their vote share and their votes cast. Republicans gained 2.3 million more votes in Rural America and Democrats lost 1.9 million votes there. In 2012 Republicans carried Rural America 56%-42% but in 2016 they won it by a landslide margin 59%-36%. Democrats lost Rural America in 2012 but they didn’t get crushed there and that was the difference. Democrats lost ~2 million and Republicans gained more than 2 million. Where these Obama voters who switched? Or was this a case of 2 million discouraged Democrats staying home and 2.3 lapsed voters showing up and voting Republican? We really need someone to go through a rural county voter file to get answers. YouGov suggested it was 85% lapsed voters but I regard this as something to be confirmed.

3) Bottom line is that if you lived in Metro America 2016 shaped up almost identical to 2012. What surprises me most about that is that Romney was a much more qualified candidate than Trump and yet Trump matched Romney’s performance. There was essentially no penalty in Metro America for breaking norms and other things that voters supposedly cared about. When we look at Rural America we see a dramatic shift from 4 years earlier. Honestly anyone who fails to focus on the shift in rural and small metro America isn’t looking carefully at the data. It’s very clear where the electoral shift took place. [emphasis mine]

And, I would add, fair to say that identity politics vs. economic politics has mattered the most in rural and small metro America.

Trump got you in a bad mood?

You are not alone.  From Gallup:


Percentage of U.S. Adults in Bad Mood: Elections 2016, 2012 and 2008
Bad mood defined as percentage of U.S. adults who experienced a lot of stress and worry without a lot of happiness and enjoyment


Seven days before election (avg.) Election Day Day after election *Next seven days (avg.)
% % % %
Nov 8, 2016 10 19 20 12
Nov 6, 2012 10 16 15 12
Nov 4, 2008 10 13 15 13
*Average of seven days after the day following the election

Worst honeymoon ever

Typically, new presidents get a bit of a pass from the partisans of the opposing party, and thereby the media (who largely look to opposing partisans for cues in their coverage) at the beginning of their terms, hence, the presidential “honeymoon.”  Safe to say, Republicans have not been too big on a honeymoon for Clinton or Obama, who, nonetheless got somewhat of a honeymoon due to the typical high public approval immediately upon entering office.  That said, Trump looks to be on course for the worst honeymoon ever.  Here’s a chart from Pew with immediate post-election approval of winners and losers in recent elections:

Now, of course with unified government Trump can get a lot down.  But in terms of a “honeymoon” from the opposition party or the media?  So not happening.

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