Burning down the house on the way out

What the hell is Pat McCrory doing?  When virtually all the votes are counted but for a few stray absentee and provisional ballots and you are losing by 6000-8000 votes (probably the higher number, but reports vary), you have lost.  Sure, Pat McCrory is legally allowed his request for a recount with the margin under 10,000 votes.  Fine.  He and his minions, however, sure don’t need to go around undermining confidence in elections and our democracy by making utterly baseless allegations about voter fraud.  Are there some ballots with irregularities and potential issues?  Sure.  You bet.  Millions of votes were cast; this is normal.  Yet, there is not one scintilla of evidence for any kind of systematic voter fraud.  Yet, we get this:

“Why is Roy Cooper so insistent on circumventing the electoral process and counting the votes of dead people and felons?,” Diaz said in an emailed response. “It may be because he needs those fraudulent votes to count in order to win. Instead of insulting North Carolina voters, we intend to let the process work as it should to ensure that every legal vote is counted properly.”

Seriously?  What the hell.  Are there some people who early voted then died before election day?  Likely.  Throw their votes out.  Ummm, 8000 or so who voted for Cooper, I don’t think so.  Again, or any evidence whatsoever that there’s widespread intentional fraud in this regard?  Hell no.

This quote from McCrory’s strategist really killed me, too:

Chris LaCivita, McCrory’s campaign strategist and an ex-Marine, tweeted on Sunday night: “You never ever give up a fight until your out of ammunition.”

No, no, no!!  That’s not true.  You give up the fight when you have plenty of ammunition left for all sorts of reasons– to avoid civilian casualties, to avoid utterly needless losses of your own troops, to regroup and try again later, etc.  But, damnit, no, you don’t just fight no matter what.  There are consequences.  And the consequences in this case are confidence in elections and democracy.  Alas, it seems NC Republicans have been taking too many pages from Trump’s playbook.

And here’s the odious Dallas Woodhouse in a Politico article:

“Roy Cooper thinks he’s the Governor-elect of what? The voting dead? Roy Cooper should respect the process to ensure all legally cast ballots are counted before measuring the drapes,” said Dallas Woodhouse, the state’s Republican Party executive director, in a statement Monday. “Despite partisan lines, we want to make sure the man with the most votes wins this election, and it’s a shame that Roy Cooper doesn’t want the same.”

You want a legal recount?  Again, fine.  Though, really, are there any cases in modern times of a recount over-turning a 8000 vote margin?  I sure as hell doubt it.  (Just give up with dignity already), but that’s sure no reason to make this invidious insinuations about dead people voting.

Meanwhile, a Slate article yesterday suggesting that the NC Legislature could install McCrory after a “contested” election with no judicial check, seems to have drawn huge attention.  I talked to both NBC and CNN on the matter today.  Short version– not happening.  Why in the world would they even consider such an absurd political step (“beyond nuclear” as a wise follower of the legislature termed it to me), when they’ve got their damn supermajority? Exactly.   And, just checked, and pleasantly surprised to see my condemnation of McCrory’s irresponsible allegations made it into the NBC story:

“I say, not as a Democrat but as a political scientist, that it’s entirely appropriate to condemn McCrory’s actions,” Steve Greene, political science professor at NC State University, told NBC News. “This is not how we do things here.”


About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State http://faculty.chass.ncsu.edu/shgreene

4 Responses to Burning down the house on the way out

  1. Mike in Chapel Hill says:

    Was it hyperbole for me to to describe the GOP as a greater existential threat to our democracy than North Korea, the USSR, Osama bin Laden, etc? No, no it was not and it will get worse.

  2. R. Jenrette says:

    Mike, the GOP proved your words when they almost all fell in behind Trump and are now defending him and giving his administration cred by joining it.
    I’m talking to you, Nickie Haley. Are you listening, Mitt Romney?

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