The latest email impact

Forgot to mention earlier tonight, that I’ve seen plenty of liberals worried on twitter that today’s news is actually worse than no news, because all it means it headlines that have the words “Clinton” and “emails” in them, which can’t be good for her.  That said, I don’t think remaining low-information voters are quite that low information, and should at least clearly pick up the signal that whatever the FBI said last week, HRC has been cleared of any wrongdoing or malfeasance with the latest emails.  For those thinking, “hmmm, Crooked Hillary”? just maybe they’ll think, “oh, wait, maybe not?”  Again, 95%+ of voters already have their mind made up on the candidates and the emails.  But for anybody still wavering, I do believe that the message of “Hillary cleared” is probably more helpful at the margins than no further message at all.


About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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