The changing demographics of the parties

Love this feature from Pew looking at the changing relationships between demographics and partisanship since 1992.  Age, race, and education and how they relate to partisanship have all undergone substantial changes.  There’s a number of ways of thinking about this, but I especially like the approach of looking at what percentage of a party’s supporters come from each particular demographic group.  Short version: Republicans have become much more white (actually less white in absolute terms, but relative to the country as a whole, more so), older, and more reliant on less-educated voters (doesn’t look so dramatic as country has become more educated).  Meanwhile, pretty much opposite changes among Democrats.  These charts nicely capture it:

And, put these together, and you get this dramatic chart:

No great insights here from me, but fair to say, if you want to understand America’s changing partisan politics, understanding the changes in these charts is certainly important.


About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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