If Hillary loses this debate I’m voting for Trump

Said no Hillary supporter today.  Yes, this will surely be a fun spectacle tonight.  And I’ll surely have all sorts of insightful, cogent, and life-changing observations tomorrow afternoon when I give an on-campus talk about it, but the polls being what the are, its really hard to see how this debate makes a difference.  What can Trump possibly say or do at this point to win over people convinced he’s a misogynistic buffoon?  And what mistake would ever-cautious Hillary Clinton make that would blow it for her?  So, yeah, I’m about to watch, I’ll surely have more thoughts later, but lets not pretend the stakes are what they were on the eve of the first debate.

Suprising chart of the day

Now, this is from only NBC/Survey Monkey and I’d like to see what others say, but this is a solid tracking poll run by smart people.  Amazing to see how committed Republicans have remained to Trump.  I would never have guessed recent changes in the polls were from strengthening among Democrats rather than more Republicans finally abandoning the walking horror-show that is Trump.  That PID is strong stuff.  More interesting thoughts and charts at the link.



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